Author Topic: JB4 - 2 Step / No Lift Shift DIY  (Read 5027 times)

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JB4 - 2 Step / No Lift Shift DIY
« on: March 31, 2014, 12:45:20 PM »
2 Step / NLS Relay DIY

Do not use 2 Step if you still have catalytic converters,
it will destroy/blow them out

The relay can be found at Burger Motorsports or by emailing Mike@N54tuning.com. Mike's based in Ontario, you will avoid customs charges that way

**This DIY assumes you know how to remove the cowl and access your ECU**

Thanks to DanielZio for giving me a hand with this!

1. This is how everything will be wired up

2. This is the 2Step / NLS relay. I forgot to take a picture of the green clutch wire. It comes unattached to the Relay

3. Remove ECU cover and locate Green Power connector near the front of the ECU Compartment. Slide it off its rails. Use small flathead screwdriver to pry the little flap open. Mine isn't shown in the picture as I accidentally broke it off. Remove orange power wire from connector slot 8 by pressing down on the little silver tab and pulling the wire out.

4. Now take the red wire from the Relay and place into slot 8 you just removed the orange wire from. Then connect the Blue/Black wire from the Relay to the Orange wire

5. Power wires connected

6. Remove the DB9 connector (JB4 USB Cable) from your JB4 and remove both nuts and bolts to take off the cover.

7. The green wire coming from the Relay/Wire Nut and slide it into Position 7. Green "Y" clutch wire goes into Position 8

8. Put cover back on DB9 Connector

9. Remove Grey Sub connector from ECU. This will be the one on the driver side closest to the cabin. We will be extracing wire #18 as read from the female side of the connector.

10. Press down on the little tabs and pull on jumper wire to release

11. The other two ends of the clutch wire now slide into the open slots. Put grey subconnector back in ECU

12. Put everything else back in place. Now set Menu 8 on in-dash JB4 Menu to >2000rpm to enable the 2Step Relay

13. To test if 2 Step works at a complete stop, push in clutch and push the Gas Pedal to the floor. RPM's should no go higher than whatever you set the rpm's in Menu 8 at. This will dump a lot of unburnt fuel into the exhaust so make sure you're catless before attempting this or else you could blow the cats out.
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Re: JB4 - 2 Step / No Lift Shift DIY
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2015, 08:51:18 PM »
A topic of great I wanted to try it.