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General Technical / N54 without Oil Cooler and MHD
« Last post by BarbaDinos on August 30, 2018, 11:34:44 AM »
Hey everyone!

I am thinking of flashing my N54 335xi sedan 2008 and it doesn't have an oil cooler. I live in Edmonton, AB, Canada and here the weather is not as hot as in other parts of the world (mostly 6 months of snow and something like summer with few days of 28C). I am thinking/want to go with MHD stage 1 non-modified and my question is: do I really need an oil cooler for this stage and when hot weather is not an issue here? Few people told me that you only need an oil cooler when you take the car to the track and I don't. I just like to have that extra kick when I regularly drive my car ( you know from traffic light to traffic light ;P ).

From my understanding, the oil has to be in a specific temperature (example: 90-100 degrees). if I install an oil cooler, in the winter (6 months+ long) wouldn't the oil temperature be lower than the required and this could cause issues too? At least this is how a friend of mine explained it to me and he has a 1100hp Corvette tuning it himself. He asked me "are you going to take it to the track? Race it all the time? if no and you just wanna have that extra power just to use it whenever you feel like it but not be hardcore using it, then you should be fine due to the climate we are in".

But I wanted to get the opinion from bimmer people in case there is something different with the BMW cars and tunning.

Thank you in advance and apologies if I posted on the wrong section of the forum!
General Technical / Self-Leveling Suspension Light???
« Last post by Grammar87 on August 23, 2018, 10:01:39 PM »
Hey all. New to this thread but hoping somebody could help me out!
My Self-Leveling Suspension Inactive warning light has been on for a while in my 2003 X5.

The thing that is confusing to me is that the self-levelling suspension is an option on these vehicles for things such as towing (adjusting the suspension via air bags) but my vehicle does not have this option.

The car appears to sit and ride at a normal level and rides comfortably. I have tried disconnecting the battery for fifteen minutes hoping it would disappear, but no luck. Any suggestions how I could get this warning light to disappear??
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